Wednesday, October 4, 2017

You all meet in a blogroll...

Over the years, I've purchased a lot of games, played a lot of games, and run a lot of games. The latter is a concern of mine—am I doing it well?

It's such a tiny crisis of confidence

There's a signature I sometimes throw on my emails: "They say if you give a child a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Well, I picked up a self-help book, and now everyone looks that much crazier."

The cumulative side-effect of buying bunches and bunches of RPGs is buying bunches and bunches of books about RPGs, including writing adventures, running them, and so on. And rather than wonder if everyone else is lacking skill, I worry about myself. Am I comfortable in the knowledge that I have? (Short answer: No.) Would I like to know more? (Short answer: Yes.) Am I good enough now? (There is no short answer.)

And this got me thinking. I could barf forth all sorts of apocalyptica on Google+ where I hold a little bit of court and run a few of my games. Or I could put the stuff here, in a by-and-large private and controlled place, where it won't get looked at by the incurious or not-in-the-know. Just me, my brain-squeezin's, and the comments of those interested enough to look.

So, I've added a tag to my rather meager repertoire: "Encounters." And I'll use that tag to post encounters for various games. I'll be aiming at general medieval fantasy, contemporary fantasy, and science-fiction as the genres to which these encounters will be targeted. This'll give me more to write here. I can receive feedback here. And hopefully, I can improve my craft to the point that, I dunno. Publication would be nice, eventually. I would also accept after-action reports of these encounters used in play, and I could receive those gleefully.

If you have any thoughts on what I'm about to do, please leave them below. Even this idea feels somehow half-baked, as if there's something I hadn't considered. Should I target more genres? Fewer genres? Do I just suck for trying this? Should I have done this sooner?

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