Friday, January 21, 2011

Double-Book Blogging

This is just a quick notice, ladies and gentlemen (okay, just one lady so far, but you know what I mean), that choice bits of the commentary I spill here may be found reprinted on

This is good. First, it means more exposure for me. Second, it means I have more reason to write stuff here, since I don't feel right sending everything I write here over there. (This one, for instance? Fuhgeddaboutit.) Third, it means more people have opportunities to comment on what I'm blathering on about, and that means more lively conversation on the hot topics of the day. Watch both places for comments.

Just bear in mind that there are some conversion issues. Namely, the "visual" editor in Wordpress macerates my HTML. I at least know the difference between the italic and emphasis tags.

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