Saturday, September 25, 2010

Realigning, aligning, or juggling?

New blog-posting client, new theme (which actually says something, if only "I play like a fracking lunatic"), and I'm starting to tweak the look into something I can live with.

But there's oh so much I still have to do.

(If you dreaded the notion of reading more gaming spew from me this quickly, then rest easy and skip this post. It's pure meta.)

First is the graphic. Given the title I've chosen, there must be a graphic. And there will be. Not only have I figured out what it should be, but I think I even have a tasteful way to do it. And a tasteless version based on that. (In time, if I keep posting, you'll get to know what a sick puppy I aspire to be.)

There's a whole bunch I need to do with that logo, too. I need to figure out how to put it up on the website: how, how big, where, etc. There are many ways to both use and abuse it. Having created a serviceable logo (or two), obviously I don't want to abuse it. @duh.

There's already been a request for a T-shirt based on the title alone. A good graphic and a sound layout would put it over the top. Cafepress might work better for the limited supply I expect to need at first (T-shirts on demand! It's like the Lulu of clothing!), but I want to see what the quality is like before I commit to that. Once I have the graphic, Cafepressitizing [?] it should be easy enough.

I can't advertise with T-shirts and coffee mugs alone. (It'd be so much easier if I could.) I'll need to produce enough content to prove that I can do this reliably, and then I should hook up with another blog network, like RPG Bloggers. I can't yet; I need at least six weeks of content for them to review. So I've got my work cut out for me there too.

And the content. Of course the content. I can't just sit around and wait for the money to roll in. I have to sit at the keyboard and talk at great length about a topic, about which I'm really capable and generally willing to talk at great length if I think anyone will listen. And I hear that kids come running for the great taste of content.

Maybe even a domain name, if I can get it pointed correctly at the blog.

What am I forgetting? What else do I need to make this place take off?


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